Homeless Friendly

Homeless Friendly

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness please telephone your local authority homeless service for support and advice.

Please note due to Covid-19 they are temporarily not open for drop in appointments.

At this difficult time Councils have been required to alter the access to support and service for people who find themselves homeless.

Please find below details on how to contact your local council should you be homeless.


If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness please call 0161 770 4605.

Any homeless assessments will be completed over the phone by a homeless officer on the same day.

Out of hours 0800 988 7061.


If you require general assistance please phone 0800 027 7769, or visit www.rbh.org.uk.

If you are threatened with homelessness or are homeless and require emergency support, please call 0300 303 8548 (Out of hours: 0300 303 8875)


The office is closed, if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness please contact 0161 253 5537 during working hours.

The out of hours number is 0161 253 6606.


If you believe you have nowhere to stay, call 0161 234 4692 or email hss@manchester.gov.uk.

The out of hours number is 0161 253 6606.


Housing Advice on Old St are closed to appointments and triage.

They are offering telephone advice, call 0161 331 2700 (including out of hours).


The Reception is closed please call us on 0161 217 6016, out of hours hours number is 0161 474 2818.


If you require assistance the contact numbers are 0161 912 2230 (office hours) of 0800 218 2000 (out of hours).


Salford Housing Options Point building is currently closed until further notice.

If you are homeless or need advice and information, please call 0161 793 2020.

Out of hours call 0161 794 8888.


Homeless/Housing Reception is closed, please telephone us on 0120 433 5900 or email at housing.options@bolton.gov.uk.

The out of hours number is 0120 433 7777.


If you need assistance call: 0194 248 7732 or email hoac@walh.co.uk or via their website www.wigan.gov.uk. The Out of hours number is 0194 282 8777.

Find Your Local Food Bank

If you need support from your local food Bank please use the link below. If you add your postcode it will show details one the nearest one.

Find a Food Bank - The Trussell Trust

What this means and how you can help support the homeless in our community

Homeless-Friendly encourages organisations to lead the way in creating a cultural shift in how we view those without a permanent home and remind them they are a pivotal part of our society. Organised by not-for-profit social enterprise Beacon GP CARE, it asks that we examine the way we conduct our business and pledge to become Homeless-Friendly.

NHS surgeries and other healthcare providers are amongst the first to make that commitment but any public, voluntary or private organisation can join in. 

We offer advice on how to become Homeless-Friendly, encourage our pledgers to share good practice and work with our partners to offer practical support to the homeless and tackle the roots of the problem.

Did you know:

  • The average life expectancy of a homeless person is just 47 years-of-age
  • 73% of homeless people said they had experienced recent physical health problems
  • Over half of homeless people lack the literacy skills needed for everyday life
  • Homeless people are nine times more likely to commit suicide than other groups in society
  • 41% of homeless people are dealing with a long-term health problem
  • 80% of rough sleepers reported some form of mental health issue
  • 15% of newly sentenced prisoners were homeless immediately before going into custody
  • 35% of homeless people had been to Accident & Emergency recently and 26% had been admitted to hospital over the past six months

Registered Charity Number 1182814

 We’ve Gone & Done It

Greater Manchester folk have risen to the challenge by dipping into their own pockets to buy life protecting health items for those sleeping on our streets.

Hygiene Kits which include Face masks, hand sanitising gel and other essentials paid for by the public, That means that those experiencing homelessness in all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester now been given some protection against COVID-19.

“The generosity has been nothing short of heroic and demonstrates that in times of need, Greater Manchester ensures it’s vulnerable are cared for”, said Homeless-Friendly founder, Zahid Chauhan

“The average life expectancy of a street sleeper is just 45 years-of-age and they are incredibly susceptible to viruses. The selflessness shown by our donors who must have enough on their minds already, is simply overwhelming.”

But it is not just the kind-hearted public who have helped protect rough sleepers.

Homeless-Friendly’s partners in organisations such as St John’s Ambulance and Urban Outreach in Bolton have risen to the challenge by giving out the kits.

So impressed with the support Homeless-Friendly surgeries supply, that A&E units, out-of-hours health services, dentists, hospices, charities, local authorities, businesses and even football clubs have since joined the fold.

Learn more about Homeless-Friendly here.